Natural stone processing, Modica limestone, Noto stone, Comiso rock, pitch and lava stone

Natural Stones and Marble Processing

Thanks to the experience gained in the course of time and using traditional methods we are able to work every type of marble, stone and other materials such as basalt, lava stone and asphalt stone.
The requalification of the urban landscape by means of natural stone works various materials allowing us to obtain suitable chromatic effects for the urban spaces.

The same stone that nowadays is used to decorate these spaces, was used in the past for reconstructing the greatest Sicilian monuments, “the Baroque of Noto”, for example. Furthermore, we work hard stones such as sandstone from Syracuse, of a warm yellow ochre colour, the dark-gray lava stone from the Mount Etna and the limestone from Modica and Scicli similar to the “Botticino di Sicilia” with a white-gray background flecked with pearl flowerings.

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